Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy




Walking through the forest may seem quite simple, but there are amazing things happening to our mind and body when you are in nature. The peaceful sounds of birds singing and leaves rustling.  This landscape is the perfect atmosphere to stimulate your senses.  Nature allows the brain to stop worrying, so it can focus on the present moment-the very intent of forest therapy. 

Additionally, forests engage the sense of smell since evergreen trees and other plants secrete aromas and essential oils that not only smell wonderful but also promote a calm nervous system. 

The trees contain organic compounds called phytocides that support natural killer cells, our immune system's way of fighting cancer. 

Some of the science based benefits of forest therapy include reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, improved sleep, increased ability to concentrate and decreased recovery time from surgery or illnesses. 

Consider leaving your worries and phones behind and begin reaping some of the abundant benefits of forest therapy.


Mari Beth Price